♥ Your smile.♥ The way you hold me in your sleep.♥ When you talk about our future.♥ How your shoulder seem to be designed after my head.♥ The warmth of your body when you lay close to me.♥ When you tell me something you never told no one before.♥ When you look at me that way.♥A hug from you when you just stepped out of the shower.♥Walking in your footsteps in the snow.♥ When you play with my hair. ♥When we walk home at night, holding hands and watching the stars.♥When you say: Forever.♥ I love you.

  • Teaaaa - 24.11.2011 kl.22:57

    klissetteeee.. men stt da

    - sunniva vee - 24.11.2011 kl.23:39

    s stt!

    Anette - 26.11.2011 kl.16:11


    , rdal